Cultured Landscapes.

Apex Horticulture Inspired by Nature

Apex Horticulture works with property owners to design, install, and maintain landscapes with unmatched attention to detail. Inspired by the way nature works, we build properties that are easy to maintain, last a lifetime, and age with grace. We offer a full-service approach for select properties, including landscape architecture, landscape construction, estate management, garden design, and fine gardening.


Fairfield County's Best Landscaping Service

Landscape Design

Our design team will work with you to create a landscape design plan that serves as a marriage between personal aesthetic, low maintenance needs, and budget. We offer consultations and installations with unmatched attention to detail.

Installation + Planting

Landscape construction with horticultural precision. We select foliage for the ambiance you desire, ensuring thriving plants, optimal structure positioning, and effective property drainage for a harmonious living experience.

Land Clearing

Revitalize any raw or overgrown land, uncovering its unique features. We specialize in transforming untamed landscapes, offering the full spectrum of services from excavation to creating a finished, livable environment.

Property Maintenance

Arrive home in style with our custom landscape maintenance services. On-schedule visits and routine walkthroughs ensure your land is ready for your enjoyment, full service mowing, weeding, gardening, pruning, and snow removal.

Fine Gardening

With a horticulture-first design approach, our favorite work is the act of gardening itself. We'll help educate you to plan the year's maintenance for what you have already planted and work with you to select new species.

Indoor Office Plantings

Bring the energy and interest of beautiful planting arrangements into your home or office space. Indoor plantings feature stylish containers, offering an opportunity to bring mixed foliage that adds color and living energy to any space.

Consultation Services

Our landscape consulting service is designed to guide homeowners with their landscaping plans, teaching best practices in landscape design and horticulture. As your consultant designer, we'll coach you to avoid overpayment on materials, plant specimens, and labor. Save yourself the trouble of doing it wrong and doing it twice.

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Apex Horticulture Customer Reviews

Jon and the apex team weeded the hill at my shop (it was like a jungle) and did a beautiful plantings at my house! Apex was Neat, clean and knowledgeable when a company is those 3 things you can’t go wrong
Highly Recommended!

— Elite III Asphalt Services, LLC